Yikes.  It’s been a year since I last updated this thing.  Hard to believe, and at the same time not so much.  You know how it goes.  You have the best of intentions, and yet it doesn’t happen.  I hope you will forgive my absence.

So, what’s happened in the meantime?  A whole cavalcade of stuff, some good and some bad.  In the interest of brevity I’ll put aside the bad and focus on the good stuff.  Last year was the year of new shows and ventures to complement some (relatively) old favorites.  What might those be, you ask?  Well, let me share some with you!

Sac History Museum

Center for Sacramento History

Inside the Vault Textile Tours at the Center for Sacramento History
What a fun time!  We had a great crowd in fascinating surroundings, with vintage vendors representing many decades of fashion.  I had great neighbors and lively conversation with some very savvy folks.  In addition, it was awesome getting to see some of the beautiful shoes from the Center’s archives.  I’d love to be a part of their history again.

Meet Your Maker: A Mini Festival of Bay Area Cultural Innovators
There were some unfortunate logistical issues with this show, but I really enjoyed getting to network and share with some amazing Bay Area artists, and I really appreciated the chance to widen my horizons.  The Bay Area was my first home and always calls to me, so there will be more shows there to come!

Fall Gypsy Fair at the White Barn – Lincoln

Gypsy Fall Fair at the White Barn

Halloween decorations from repurposed vintage items!

What a blast!  One of the best shows in the area, in a truly gorgeous setting.  Though it was my first time doing this show, my hostess (Gypsy Chic) and fellow vendors couldn’t have been more friendly and welcoming.  There was such a great crowd, and we were extremely lucky that the rain narrowly missed our area, keeping our outdoor setup dry and relatively sunny.  I’m looking forward to this year’s edition!

Blue Line Arts Holiday Show – Roseville

Judy Mayfield pottery

The absolutely gorgeous work of Judy Mayfield

Freights bags

Bags by Freights, featuring Lorenzo Kristov’s photographs

This show represented such an amazing group of artists, and I’m really glad to have been included.  Some folks I knew from other shows and ventures, but many of them were artists whose art I had previously admired but had never worked with.  It was a pleasure getting to know these wonderfully talented and funny people, and I hope to see them again soon.

Handmade Holiday Popup – K Street Collective

Handmade Holiday setup

Handmade Holiday setup

One of my favorite shows of 2014 was hosted by Rosaura Unangst of Pigment & Parchment, whose hand-lettered work is so fabulous!  I was once again surrounded by amazing local artists who represent the best of what Sacramento has to offer – great talent and even greater hearts.  It’s so much fun to be part of a show that doesn’t feel like work!

Jim Shepherd painting

One of my favorite Christmas gifts!

Special bonus?  My sweet husband bought me this fantastic painting by Sacramento artist Jim Shepherd that I had been eyeing all day!

Though this was an impromptu show in a temporary spot, I’m hoping there might be future collaborations.  Keep watching!

DISPLAY Holladay

Display handmade setup

Handmade jewelry at DISPLAY Holladay

Put together by Unseen Heroes, who are responsible for the GOOD: street food + design market and the DISPLAY retail space, this new venue in Oak Park was small but hopping.  I was so busy I hardly got a chance to take a breath!  Ana Apple, Graphic Anthology and Semi Sweet Press made fantastic neighbors.  We all managed to keep our (relative) sanity and even had a celebrity visit to liven things up!

What does 2015 bring?  Well, I’m working on some new ideas during this first quarter hibernation period.  I’m figuring out some new designs, possibly some new product lines, and focusing more on doing commissioned work for customers just like you.

So here’s your chance to contribute.  What would you like to see?  Are there products that aren’t being offered that you would like an opportunity to buy?  Are there other materials you would like to see me incorporate?  I’m always up for a challenge.  It keeps me on my toes – and I’m looking forward to 2015 being a year for some serious dancing!