It’s funny how things happen.  My year had a very rough start, as many of you may know.  My mom, who had been ill for months, passed away in January. Mom’s death really took the wind out of my sails.  Since I work from home, it was easy to hide away from the world while I dealt with my loss.  The problem was, I was living in my head a bit too much.  I knew I needed to get back into the real world.

I love doing shows.  I enjoy sharing my work with people, and sharing their enthusiasm and appreciation for my work.  It really helps me remember why I do what I do.  It was tough getting back into the swing of things, but once I started, I found it to be very cathartic.

Considering how my year started, it’s amazing how much things have changed in such a short period of time.  Some really incredible opportunities have come my way in the last few months, and momentum seems to be growing exponentially.  I’m a bit overwhelmed and very excited by the possibilities that are presenting themselves.  I am so grateful for those opportunities, and for all of you who support me.  Thank you all for helping me do this — and for helping me get through a very rough period in my life.  You’ll never know how much it means to me.